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Sharon Lewis

President & CEO Lifeline Insurance


I am Sharon Lewis and I started Lifeline Insurance, LLC in October 2012.  I have learned so much over the years that I can now be considered a specialist in my field. Whether you'​re on Medicare or regular health insurance, I will go out of my way to assist you with billing errors and keep you up to date on the various changes that happen year to year.  

Because I am an independent broker, I work for you first!  I feel privileged to be working in this arena because it allows me the passion to get up every morning and look forward to helping others.  Notice I didn't say work because I don't see it that way at all. I represent 13 carriers, 8100 plans in 6 states!!


I am a 360 agent which means I help with all areas of your insurance, retirement planning, health and Medicare insurance because you see they all go together.  So if you are turning 65, leaving an employer plan, are sick of paying taxes on your Social Security, or want a much less expensive alternative to health insurance-call me!  


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