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At What Age do You Want to Retire? that even possible anymore?  The resounding answer is YES!  But if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.  Plain and simple. My goal for you is to continue the lifestyle or increase your lifestyle to the one you dream of and continue it throughout your life.  Too often people think, I'm retiring so now I need to downsize and tighten up.  That doesn't have to be the case at all. Let's get a custom plan for you today so you don't have to be like the 80% relying strictly on Social Security upon retirement. And the sooner you start building your nest egg, the more compound interest is creating your wealth.  Did you know there is a product that does 4 things for you that every person should have? One that provides living benefits such as long term care, an emergency fund, college planning, a death benefit in case something happens to you or your spouse AND retirement planning?!!  Why have individual plans when you can have it all? 

What do I do?  

I am a Reallocation Specialist. I review your current situation and create a new design using money you're already spending or have saved, to eliminate taxes in your retirement! Did you know 50% of your Social Security check can be taxed as ordinary income if you make $25,000 annually as a single person or $32,000 annually as a married couple?!!  And the percentage goes up according to your annual income!! I custom design your plan so you can have the retirement you desire and not be like soooo many others that either don't plan at all or their plan is designed incorrectly so they either run out of money or don't plan for taxes, inflation, and LTC costs.  If you would like a complimentary review, please fill out the form under CONTACT US and I will get your blueprint going. And by the way, I'm with you all the way!  Annual reviews are mandatory with the company I represent. So you'll always know if your financial GPS needs to take a different turn to keep on track. 

Click the link below and ask for me, Sharon Lewis. Let's get this (retirement) party started!!

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